When you get 2 days a week to work, progress on anything seems to take such a long time - it feels very much like I'm doing a bit here and a bit there and not really getting very far with anything, except growing my to do list. My brain is full of ideas and it's frustrating that I don't get to realise things as quickly as I'd like. I'm adapting to this though - it's going to be my working style for a good few years yet I think. It certainly does make you admire people who work for themselves part time whilst being a parent full time.
That said, I'm happy to report that my new print (of a wedding/anniversary nature) is now available in my shop.  

I'm finding instagram is pretty good for helping me quickly log day to day work progress or capturing moments of inspiration, and of course helping me capture lots of fun moments with my little chick. I'm there most days if you fancy a snoop, or just want to say hello.